Wakizashi No.4009, Yoshimichi.

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This beautiful Wakizashi mounted in an Aikuchi mounts with a very nice matching Kozuka/Kogai Set has a Tokubetsu Hozon NBTHK Tokyo and is made by Yamato no Kami Yoshimichi sho dai. He is the 2.second son of shodai Osaka Yoshimichi. Both were known as Wazamono and Josaku smith by Fujishiro. In Hawley he has 35 points !
He was working in the style of Kawachi no Kami Kunisuke what you can see impressively by this Wakizashi. He was working around the early Edo periode at 1661 and passed his knowledge to his son as well.

Nagasa: ca. 47cm, 1shaku, 5sun, 5bu, han
Inscription: Yamato no Kami Yoshimichi