About us

…once it started with a dream of a little boy….

If I look back today and realize, how far it took me on this way, yes, then I`m happy and proud, because it was much more, then I expected or even thought. This webpage shows a lot about what I won. Therefore this page is just for informative use.

Back to the beginning:

How it comes to a passion like this, the passion for Samurai Swords ?
For me, I guess, it was the enthusiasm for knighthood and their beleaves. And anybody who its attracted by knighthood will be thrilled by the way of the Samurai, the Bushido and will be interested. But even then it was difficult to get information. Pieces have been rare as well in museums. Though there have been just books.

Later, a lot of years, it was still difficult to purchase a Katana in Germany until the destiny showed me the way to Japan itself and I have had the fortune of living there for some years.
Here we had overturning events and the unbeleavable luck to meet the right people the right time.

And there have been opened doors, normaly gaijin cannot pass. And because I never wanted just to walk into a shop to buy a Katana, I was thrilled by the idea of a special story, all this mystical way of a special world, the opened way was better then expected ever.

There has been a lot of work, luck, timing, right people, right behaviour, regardfullness, the special interest in a German gaijin, who was interested in real japanese cultur,…., and a lot more, I have had the the possibility to join closed auction circles. 

Though it was a fortune to meet all this extraordinary people. And a lot more: From theorie to realization. And if I have a look, how much effort they took to bring me their knowledge, how much patience and time they took to educate me, there is just one thing left to say: 


And time didn`t stop. Some more doors have been opened. Nowadays I´m going to auctions in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, I`m member of NBTHK in Tokyo. And I don`t know how many foreigner have tried to get a license to deal with old, real Samurai-Swords- I have it !

Who like to know this story a bit more intensive, I recommend my book :Puderzucker Japans ( sorry, its written in German language ), ( have a look in the book list ). 

I started to get more and more fun with all this and was very much astonished, that there have been far more people intersted in then I ever expected. Though I started to do some exhibitions, guided tours through the NBTHK, made speaches.

Infected by my passion, the circle of interested friends and clients was growing and growing, turned out, they wished to have a real Katana for themselfes. I was very pleased to be able to help them. Above all that I visited on some travelling tours smithies in Seki and former Bizen, where I have been honoured with joining the forging. These places didn`t loose any aura. Everybody will be catched by this mystical place, smell, feel, see, sence, touched by the sound of forging, to be glued by the changing of the material, catched by the glow of the ofen, absorbed by the calmness and modesty, the perfect action of the smith, tied up by the total respect of the master, admiring the starting ritual, the birth of a piece of art.

Though I have gained an insight to many parts of samurai art and feel very happy and fortunate that I had the possibility, to take some hunderets into my own hands to admire them. And if I look back, than I realize, experience can be beaten just by even more experience.

Though you can learn, never the less, what and how much you already learned, you`re still at the beginning, there is still a lot to add. But this is not a burden, its fun to realize, there is a lot to learn, it will be exciting and thrilling, there is much to discover.

Please, be snoopy ! I would like to wish you some fun with this webpage. May be you will discover something new !?!