Recommended Books

– Poudersugar of Japan, Roundletters from the far east

This book will give you a close look into the daily life and the culture in an unknown enviroment: Who knows that for foreigners a taxi door of a japanese taxidriver is sometimes painfull.You will wonder about a very traditionell japanese sword auction and what tells an amerikan movie about the soul of the japanese…
…so far the introduction of the publisher.
Above that you will learn how I I got closer to the japanese life and into circles normally no gayjin ( foreigner ) will get in, up to my lilcence for dealing with antique samurai swords….
It is a book about Japan, brings you closer to Japan and gives you a little understanding for this exceptional great culture and one of the historical art treasure: The samurai sword, the Katana
Sorry, it is written in German language.

ISBN 978-3-8280-2410-6

– The Connoisseur `s Book of Japanese Swords

This book written by Kokan Nagayama will give you a good overview about “Nihonto”. It gives you the differences between modes, forms of Katana and the details of a sword, it explains terms, different schools and styles depending on the period of time. You will find a lot of answersand support and it will tell you names of famous smith.

ISBN 4-7700-2071-6

– The Samuraisword; a user guide

This book by John M. Yumoto is one of the few written in German language… Therefore look at the German part for more information.
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ISBN 3-931 425-01-0

– The Art of Forging a Japanese Sword

This book is as well in German language. Please have a look at the German part of this webside for more information.
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– Stories around the japanese Sword

This book is as well in German language. Please have a look at the German part of this webside for more information.
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– Genealogies and Schools of Japanese Swordsmiths

This is a very interesting book by Markus Sesko written in German / English will give a overview over the genealogical trees of smiths and schools. It´s a good compendium to study.
You will find it under

– Modern Japanese Swords and Swordsmiths

This book goes for the time after 1868 until nowadays. Even the Samurai lost his power, but the value of the swords remained.

ISBN 4-7700-1962-9

– M.W.Hawley, Japanese Swordsmith

This is a book as a list of Japanese Sword Smiths. Good overwiew and Hawley value swods with his personal opinion by points.

– Fujishiro

This is a rare book to find. If you get a chance, my opinion is, get it. It has a lot of Oshigata of Nakago, you can see the names of the smiths. In addition he gives you an idea of the quality of the smith. Just in Japanese !

– No Firearms any more, Japans Sword Revival 1543-1879

Noel Perrin is describing why in Japan they tried not to use firearms for some 100 years. A way back in history.

– The Art of Polishing a Sword

Japanese Samurai swords are well known for there famous characteristics and elegance, beauty. The polish of a sword has a very importend role for the final look. Therefore is an understanding about polishing for importance !

ISBN 978-4-7700-2494-7