Kanemasa Saku

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There are various reason, why this is a very interesting Katana. Its not just the very nice and old Handachi- Mounts. Its also the lang sword itself ( 2 Shaku 3 Sun 4 Bu ) with this unbelievable long Nakago with all the inscriptions, and the astonishing patina of the tang. I was told. this happens sometime when the sword was stored in an oiltank. And there is this inscription of the polisher, who did the last polish (specious day in the 20th year of Showa- 1945 ). The rest is a bit unclear…

The inscription on the Nakago says:
Forged by Shimosaki Gohyoe no suke Kansmasa, who lived in Bashu Takatsuki &
on a specious day in the new year of the 2nd year of Tenwa ( 1686 ) &
for Fukuda Dansuke Shigenaga, grandson of Ohba Yosanohyoe, retainer of Nagai Hyuga no Kami Naotada &
eternal fortune of war, good health and long life.

Nagasa: 2 Shaku 3 Sun 4 Bu, ubu with inscription and 1 Mekugiana
Inscription: Banshu Takatsuki Ju Shimosaka Gohyoe no suke Kanemasa &
Tenwa 2nen Shogatsu Kichijitsu &
Nagai Hyuga no Kami Naotada Kashin Ohba Yosanohyoe Mago Fukuda Dansuke Shigenaga Buun Chokyu Sokusai Enmei