Daisho No.2002, Bizen no Suke Munetsugu

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Here we have a perfect a-class Daisho from the outstanding blacksmith Bizen no Suke Munetsugu. This Daisho was forged in February 1858, end of Edo. It has a Tokubetsu Hozon of NBTHK. Because of the especialness, there are just rare real Daisho from Munetsugu, which were forged as Daisho, Tanobe-san wrote a Sayagaki. In this he remarked the rareness and the special good work.
About Munetsugu you will find a lot of very good comments in the literature. He was one of the best, if not the best smith that time. Also there is an essay by Clive Sinclare about the quality of this smith.
Hawley`s as well gives him a high no. of points and Fujishiro counts him as a jojo saku.
Though you can say, you will hardly find something better.

Dai-to no Nagasa: 2 shaku 2 sun 9 bu (69,6 cm); sori: 0,15 cm
Sho-to no Nagasa: 1 shaku 3 sun 9 bu han (42,4 cm); sori:0,5 cm
Inscription in Dai & Sho-to: Bizen no Suke Munetsugu
Ansei 4 nen 2 gatsu 

Nakago is ubu and each has 1 mekugiana. And also the Koshirae is very nice quality. You can see it on the pictures