Wakizashi No.4008, Omiya School, Origami Tokubetsu Hozon NBTHK

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Here you will see a real superb Wakizashi from the Omiya School. It is from the end of the Kamakura jidai, around 1300 ! With a close look you will realize why Ichimonji and Omiya School are called similar. The typical drawing of the hamon is close. Some would mixed up with these schools.
This Waki will come with a Tokubetsu Hozon NBTHK Tokyo. The blade is perfect ! But you will find a “Kirikomi”. This is a sign from battle, a little hit, good visible and gives the blade a lot of authenticity. It was really used in combat.
As well the mounts is great and you will find the real beauty on the 2.sight.
An unbelievable interesting piece.

Nagasa: 1 shaku, 5 sun, 1 bu, osuriage, mumei, 1 mekugi ana