Seshu ju Fujiwara Yasunaga.

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Do swords have a nickname ? Normally not ! But a good friend who saw this blade first, mentioned immediatly it looks like “iced”. And really, if you have a close look you have the impression you look at a landscape of ice, like noth/southpole. Exceptionally beautiful. This exceptionally Katan was made by jojo saku smith Seshu ju Fujiwara Yasunaga at the beginning of Edo around 1650/1670. The size is typical for this time and its very musculine. This unusual sword comes with an elegant, plain mounts and it is a really eye-catcher. And always you look at it, you will find something new. Though it is always somewhat of discovering new.
It has a Tokubetsu Hozon of NBTHK.

Nagasa: 2 shaku, 1 sun, 2 bu ( ca.65cm ), sori: 5 bu, ubu, 1 Mekugiana
Inscription: Seshu ju Fujiwara Yasunaga