Katana No.3082, Tadayoshi sho dai

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Tadayoshi shodai (first Generation) was the same as Tadahiro. He started working at the biginnings of 1600´s and died in 1632. Though his works are from the beginning Edo Periode. He is valued by Fujishiro with saijo saku rank (best of the best) and his blades are amoung the sharpest and ranked as saijo owazamono.
This blade Comes with a Hozon and has a nice Koshirae. The blade is attributed to Tadahiro and is a very clean and healthy blade. It is an ubu katana and has a very good size.

Insciption: mumei
Nagasa: 2shaku, 4 sun, 5bu ~ around 74,2 cm

Den Tadahiro, Tadayoshi sho dai
Saijo Owazamono, Saijo saku by Fujishiro
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