Yokoyama Kaga Suke Fujiwara Sukenaga & Kikomon ichi

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Yokoyama Kaga Suke Fujiwara Sukenaga was working at the end of the Edo Period ( around 1830/1850 ). That means he was a shin-shin-to smith. He was the 2.son of Bizen Sukehira and well known and had a good reputation. He is said to be a jo-saku-smith, Hawley values him with 60 points, and one of the best that time. In books and the Internet you will find a lot of information about him. Sometimes he called himself 56.Generation of Bizen Tomonari. His blades are highly demanded and famous for there grace.
This blade is around 69cm long with a beautiful deep sori. The Hamon starts in Suguha, passing over into choji midare. This very authentic mounts with the red same could be the same time as the blade.
Over all a very nice blade with a Tokubetsu Kicho of NBTHK Tokyo.

Nagasa: 69cm, ubu, one mekugi ana with inscription:
Yokoyama Kaga Fujiwara Sukenaga & Kikomon ichi Bizen Osafune shi