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Kanenori inscripted this sword with Echizen ju on one side, Chikugo no Kami Fujiwara Kanenori on the other. Fujishiro listed him as a wazamono and chujosaku smith, Hawley is giving 18 points. Here we have a very good work of the sho-dai, the son Kanenori ni-dai ( Yamato no Daijo Fujiwara Kanenori ) moved and worked in Edo.
Kanenori sho dai is part of the Shimosaka group and is working around 1661. The shown Katana is a nice, clean around ca.70cm long ( 2shaku, 3sun, 2bu, han ) sword with a sori of 1.8cm, full inscription and 1 Mekugiana. The blade is ubu !
This Sword has a Tokubetsu Hozon NBTHK Tokyo. 
And there is this good condition Koshirae with nice fittings. A good set.

Nagasa: ca. 70cm, sori 1.8cm, 1 Mekugiana
Inscription: Chikugo no Kami Fujiwara Kanenori & Echizen ju