Harima Daijo Fujiwara Shigetaka

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This nice and long Katana has a very nice hamon and is 76,1cm long, with a deep sori of 2,2cm. The Imperial Court granted the titel Harima Daijo the first and second generations. This Katana was forged in the beginning 1600, around 1600/1620. This is the time in which Shigetaka worked ( Kanei ), Fujishiro is giving a chujosaku and the blades are wazamono. Shigetaka learned in the late Muromachi Era as a student of Kanenori 兼則.
This very nice blade comes with a Koshirae and with Hozon papers of the NBTHK.

Insription: Echizen ju Harima Daijo Fujiwara Shigetaka
Nagasa: 76,1cm
Sori: 2,2cm